About MAAS

The Michigan Association of Ambulance Services advocates for ambulance services across the state. MAAS members proudly serve nearly 80 percent of Michigan counties and were responsible for more than 1,000,000 ambulance transports in the state in 2022. In addition to traditional ambulance services, MAAS members operate community paramedicine, ER diversion and 9-1-1 services in several areas of the state.

Our Mission: MAAS is the resource and advocate for ambulance services in Michigan.
Our Vision: MAAS delivers value to members through leadership, advocacy and education.

MAAS supports its members by creating recruitment and retention opportunities, crafting awareness campaigns to encourage people to enter into a career in EMS, and advocating for increased funding for the industry.

The EMS industry in Michigan has been underfunded for decades. EMS agencies are only reimbursed for 10 to 25 percent of their costs while also facing a statewide paramedic shortage. MAAS is working to increase state funding for the industry and create more training opportunities to fill the talent gap in EMS.