Understanding Michigan’s

Quality Assurance Assessment Program (QAAP)


A QAAP is a process authorized by the Michigan Legislature that levies an assessment on an ambulance service to leverage additional federal dollars into the Medicaid program, allowing higher reimbursement rates to be paid when providing ambulance services to Medicaid recipients. Currently, nursing and long-term care facilities, HMOs, hospitals and community mental health plans utilize this program to increase their Medicaid payments.


A QAAP data request letter is anticipated from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) shortly.


Are you wondering:

·       How will this the assessment be calculated and collected?

·       What are the reporting requirements?

·       Is the data we provide confidential?

·       What happens if we don’t report data to the State of Michigan?

·       When will new Medicaid reimbursement rates go into effect?


MAAS is pleased to offer the following tentative webinars to assist Michigan ambulance services in answering your questions about this new program.


When:  January 27, 2017

Time:    9:00

Cost:     $25.00 (Free to MAAS Member Companies)


When:January 31, 2017

Time:    15:00

Cost:     $25.00 (Free to MAAS Member Companies)


When: February 3, 2017

Time:    13:00

Cost:     $25.00 (Free to MAAS Member Companies)


If you have any questions, please contact the MAAS office at (517) 485-3376 or email [email protected]


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